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VTC Online Building

Sqm: 100 - 2000m²
Sqm per floor: 1500 m²
Min contract period: 2 years
Price: 11 - 12đ / m²
VAT: Included
Location: Hai Ba Trung Dist
Deposit: 3 months
Payment: 3 months
Service charge/sqm: $2
Working hour: 8.00-18.00(Mon-Fri); 8.00-12.00(Sat)

Office Description

VTC Online is located in Tam Trinh street, Hai Ba Trung district, one of the central districts of Hanoi. This is the area where many office buildings, new urban areas, residential areas, business premises creating a dynamic development environment, competitive farming, great opportunities.

Scale, design and equipment
VTC Online building has a total area of ​​5.600m2, including 21 floating floors, a mezzanine floor and a basement. The total floor area of ​​35,000sq.m can be used to create a work space for between 2,500 and 3,000 employees. The floor area of ​​each lease is up to 1,500m2, of which the smallest area is from 100m2.

VTC Online office building is designed in the style of professional office building with spacious hall and airy, convenient corridor.

The system of facilities is equipped synchronously, meeting the needs of customers:

+ The system of 5 high speed lifts to serve the need to move between floors.
+ Modern central air conditioning system is designed ceiling and can adjust the temperature in each area.
+ High-capacity back-up generators, which meet 100% of the total building demand during power outages
+ Automatic fire alarm standard.
+ Information system, surveillance camera system is operating automatically, professional.

Service & Facility

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