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Negotiation before renting property

March 28, 2019


I’m Hatano from Vietnamhousing.

As it’s a moving season, many of our customers have already moved to new apartments.
Some customers are moving to Hanoi in April and others have currently looking for the place to live.

Today, I will talk about the points to negotiate with owners of the apartment.
Do you consider negotiation as getting the lower rent like you do in Japan?
You can negotiate the furniture, electric appliances, services in Vietnam!!

The new apartment has been increasing and the owners sometimes prepare the beds in 2 rooms and don’t keep a bed in 1 room for3 bedrooms apartments.
This is because the owners want to listen to the customer’s request as to if putting a bed in the room or keep it for another use such as storage.

So, what are the things you can negotiate?

In Vietnamese culture, it’s not common to have a bathtub although the number of the apartment with bathtub has been increasing.
It is possible to negotiate with the owner to install a bathtub if there is enough space.

【Shower toilet】
Washlet might sound more familiar to you.
Having a shower toilet is uncommon in Vietnam as well as bathtub.
You can find a kind of small shower beside the toilet in Vietnam and it’s the Vietnamese style shower toilet!!
You need a shower toilet (Not Vietnamese style), don’t you?

【Japanese TV channel】
Unlike Japan, there are not many entertainment in Vietnam.
When you go outside during free time, it would be mostly to eat out.
Many customers request to set up a tuner for watching Japanese TV channel in order to spend relaxing time at home.

【Water purifier】
The water purifier is often requested, considering the water quality is not good in Vietnam.
Japanese brand is on high demand and it is becoming difficult to get the water purifier from the Japanese maker immediately because of its high demand.

【Air cleaner】

Air in Hanoi is not clean and the family with small children often request an air cleaner.

When it’s rainy season in Hanoi, the room tends to be moldy.
With dehumidifier, you are not only be able to prevent mold but stay comfortable at home.
Some dehumidifier have air purifying function.

Washing machine with dryer function is getting more in common but there are still many apartments which are only equipped with washing machines.
It’s convenient to have a dryer if you stay with family.

Among the above, a shower toilet, Japanese TV channel, and water purifier likely lead to the increase in rent but the owner sometimes prepares other things at the owner’s expense.
So, you have a room for negotiation.
The tips for negotiation is to think whether the next tenant can use the things you want to negotiate.

Also, it’s important to get permission from the owner to move an unnecessary big furniture out of the apartment such as a bed, living table as it requires the owner to secure the space to keep the furniture and move the furniture out.

Most importantly, you need to negotiate with the owner before making a contract.
After the contract is made, the owner has no reason to negotiate for the condition.
Also, to have better chance of the successful negotiation, it’s recommended to inform the owner of your requests all at once instead of giving your requests several times.

As the owners are Vietnamese, it’s important to understand their views and have a good relationship with them.

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