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What is it like to live in a penthouse in Hanoi

November 1, 2018

There is nothing that illustrates your success, your class, and your wealthy so well as a penthouse. A home in the sky is not only about your status, it shows your characteristics, your lifestyle. The whole idea of penthouse living sounds luxurious and above the ordinary society

Hanoi’s economy is booming in the 2010’s, and the new wealthy Hanoians have money to burn.

Today, we would like to show you how ambitious people enjoy their ‘success’ in Hanoi Somerset Westpoint Penthouses.














Turn the door key, walk in and start living this luxurious lifestyle!

Hanoi Somerset Westpoint offers 3 penthouses on its top floor. The sizes are from 230~406m2, with 3 types of houses: 3 Bedroom, 4 Bedroom, and 5 Bedroom.










The penthouses have sun terraces, balconies, private jacuzzi inside the bedroom. Penthouse residents also have access to a laundry service and high-end restaurants nearby area,  while enjoying life in rooms with high windows which provide uninterrupted views over the gorgeous Hanoi West Lake.


Private jacuzzi inside the bedroom!


High above the busy streets, you are very well away from traffic and other loud city noises that in the apartments below.


In the end, the price tag for ‘Symbol of High Status’ is not cheap. Starting from $8000 USD/month ~ , you may become the Crown Jewel of Hanoi West Lake area!!

“You only live once!”.

If you are wealthy, ambitious and in need of a life that you may even not think of, feel free to contact us at Vietnamhousing.

Hanoi- 18 Nov 09th – Reported by PHONG.


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