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Tet Holiday in Vietnam

February 2, 2016

This is an introduction about Lunar New Year (namely Tet) in Vietnam.

Tet bases on the lunar calendar, which usually has the date falling at the end of January or the beginning of February, because of the use of lunar calendar in Vietnam.

In this year, Tet started on 8th February. In Lunar New Year Eve, as a rule, Vietnamese people will have 5 days off work. However, it was extended to 9 days from 6th February to 14th February (meaning 28th December to 7th January according to the lunar calendar) in this year, because it included 4 days of two weekends.

Vietnam is considered as one of the countries, which having a few traditional holidays in the world. Therefore, it is such a precise time, when Vietnamese people and foreigners can come back to their hometown. It is recorded as a mass immigration in Vietnam same with China.

It is the fact that the working progress becomes slowly during one month before and after Tet holiday, due to the landlord being in preparation to Tet including the bustle of shopping, decorating the home and New Year Eve Party.

It pushes our company into difficulty since April is the busiest month all the year that there are many recruitments and human exchanges from Japanese companies. It leads to searching apartments for new Japanese staffs.

There are many people who want to sign the contract before Tet in order to enjoy their holiday. There are many people who want to quickly find their new apartment after Tet holiday. We understand and sympathize with our customers. Therefore, we try our best to keep in touch with landlords.

It cannot be denied that Tet is the most important traditional holiday to Vietnamese people.

On the other hands, it shows another view of Hanoi.

In the end of year,

During one week before 6th February and on the first day of a new year, the number of office staffs reduced by half, although there are 20 office staffs in a normal day.

On 5th February, there were only 3 staffs as a below picture.

There are a few people travelling in the city that are known as an unbelievable view in a normal day.

Vietnamese people buy blossom flowers to decorate for their home.

We can see a lot of motorbike driving blossom trees and kumquat trees on the street.
There are some distinctive pictures of Hanoi’s street on Tet holiday.

To me, Tet is an opportunity to travel to my husband’s hometown – Hoabinh city.
In these days, conversely, the number of people swiftly increases in the countryside.

Although there are many people being born in the countryside area, but it makes me feel that Hanoi is their hometown because of normally observing on normal working days.

How do Vietnamese people celebrate their Tet holiday?
In order to welcome Tet holiday, they make their house tidy up in the end of the year. Moreover, almost all shopping centers and supermarkets close during 3 beginning days of year. Therefore, people should buy food, Blossom trees, sweets and fruits to prepare their Tet holiday before.

The first day of Tet holiday is the day for family and close relatives.
The second day is a day for teachers.
The third day is a day for friends.
It is the normal habitats of Vietnamese people.
There are many people celebrating their holiday by travelling to their hometown so as to gather with their parent as well as grandparents and to hold New Year parties because we have 9 days off work in this year.
“Eat and drink” is also one of the most important things to Vietnamese people.

Let’s eating!
Let’s drinking!

They cheer their holidays by eating and drinking.
I saw some Japanese friends when they come to New Year party holding by Vietnamese people, they have a responsibility to keep eating during a party even if they are full enough.

Therefore, ‘An di’ is what I and my friends call this habitant of Vietnamese people.

This is the way that Vietnamese people want to cheer their party with their inviters. It is similar with Japanese people, but I feel that the Vietnamese people are friendlier than the Japanese ones. In Tet holiday, I eat ‘Banh Trung” – a Vietnamese traditional dish and many sweets instead of Japanese rice cake when I stay in Vietnam. Another custom of Vietnamese being similar to Japanese is giving Lucky money to others on Tet holiday.

Not only children but also adult, oldster are also received Lucky money. Moreover, the boss also gives Lucky money to their staffs on the first working day.

I have a passion about the different of culture between Vietnam and Japan. It makes me feel so friendly when I stay here.

I came back to Hanoi by a local coach on the 9th day of Tet holiday.

This is the end of such a long holiday.


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