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Difference in how to find rental properties between countries

May 14, 2020

Hi there,


This is Hiro.


In this blog, I will write about the difference in how to find a rental property in other countries based on my experience.


I previously worked in Canada, New Zealand, and India.

As the culture and norm differ, the way to find rental properties is different as well between countries.







(The beauty of the integration of nature and city in Vancouver. It’s an multicultural city where various ethnic groups reside.)


I stayed in Alberta province which is famous for great nature and abundant natural resources.

Although it was my first time to look for a rental property, I didn’t consult a real estate agent.


This is because people mainly find rental properties in an online platform in which you can directly contact the landlords.

 In fact, there were no people around me who spoke to a real estate agent.


I lived in a shared house with a few people in a suburban house.

 For a budget-minded person like me, it is a preferred option to rent a shared house in suburban area.

The shared areas are typically a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area.


It may sound easy to find a suitable property online but it really is not if you are not used to it.

(And, it can be gut-wrenching if English is not your first language.)


Here’s why.


1) Checking owner’s credibility

2) Proving who you are

3) Making an appointment for viewing a property

4) Transportation to the property

5) Discerning the contract


 In Vietnam, most of real estate agents will take care of all the procedures for no cost.

The upside of doing it all by myself was that I was able to make a close relationship with the landlord’s family.

I enjoyed dinner and occasional parties with the family.


[New Zealand]



(Kiwis are the national icon of New Zealand. They are flightless birds.)


New Zealand is basically the same as Canada when it comes to finding rental properties. It has a popular online platform where landlords can advertise their properties.


There was an unexpected situation I ran into during my stay in New Zealand.

My landlord sold his house while the rental contract was in effect.


In Vietnam your real estate agent will give you a helping hand by negotiating with a new landlord or finding another suitable apartment if you face the same situation.

In my case, I had to deal with it myself.


Fortunately, I was able to have a good relationship with the new landlord after all the upsetting things like getting the furniture the previous landlord owned taken out of the room.






(Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of spring harvest season. You may notice yourself covered in various colors if you decide to walk on the street on this day.)


I’ve never heard of the instances in which expatriates look for accommodations themselves in India.

I suppose it’s nearly impossible to contact the landlord and rent a property for foreigners because of the big difference in the custom and law.


Expatriates normally live in apartments the company provides but the choices are not many.

Also, the quality of the apartment is generally not as good as Vietnam, especially if you compare it with the apartments in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.




All things considered, I think Vietnam offers an easy environment for foreigners to find rental properties.

There are many real estate agencies and most likely they don’t charge the agent fee.

And, there are a wide range of the apartments to choose from according to your budget and preference.



We, as one of many real estate agents in Vietnam, strive for the great service and information quality.




Please contact the below for rental properties. 


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