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Strict rules on pets

April 25, 2019


I’m Hiro.


There have been increasing incidents of dogs mauling people.

The below article is about 7-year-old child being mauled to death by neighbor’s dogs.




As the news about dogs attacking people receive more media attention, there may be more strict rules to pet owners in the apartment.

Currently, many apartments have no specific rules about pets and how to take care of pets largely depends on pet owners.

If more residents demand strict rules on pets, the building management will need to impose the rules such as putting pets in a small cage, putting on muzzles in the public area.


Also, if you are mauled by dogs, you might suffer from rabies which can be deadly.

To avoid it, you need to get rabies vaccination as well as dogs.

There are districts where the national institute supports dog owners to get dogs vaccinated but not all over the country.

Therefore, I recommend you don’t get close to dogs unnecessarily.


If you travel in Vietnam during this long holidays, please keep it in mind.


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