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Moving in Vietnam

May 23, 2019

Hi there.


This is Hiro.

The topic for this week is moving in Vietnam.

I wrote about moving from Japan to Vietnam last time and you can refer to it here.


I had a chance to talk to a person from CROWNLINE the other day.

CROWNLINE is one of the leading moving companies in Vietnam.

The information they provided is below.


- Amount of luggage-

On average, the luggage of the single person and family are below based on 50*50cm cardboard box.

Single : 10

Family : 35

*I asked one family and they said it was more than 60 boxes.


- Fee-

Under basic plan, the fee is based on the amount of the luggage and other details, and there is the minimum fee.

The service includes packing.

The single person with lots of luggage or family are suitable for this plan.

(Basic plan assumes the number of boxes to be 35.)


- When to contact-

They can sometimes accept the order for the next day moving except for the high season.

*Contacting the moving company one day before moving date is not recommended at all.

It is advisable to contact the company one month before the moving date.


The below is the contact information of CROWNLINE.




Email : kagimoto@crownline.jp

TEL : 098 693 6314

HP : http://crownline.jp




-Points to note-

  • March and April is the high season in the moving industry. Some companies don’t accept orders for March and April from February.
  • The fee can be higher than usual when the moving date is on weekend or during high season.


Lastly, the below is the general flow of moving.


1) Contact the moving company

2) Moving staff visit the house

3) Get a quote

4) Make a contract

5) Moving


I hope today’s blog would be helpful to those considering moving in Vietnam.


Ha Noi

090 212 4649
Hai Phong

091 685 9809
Ho Chi Minh

094 547 4649