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Moving to Vietnam

May 16, 2019

Hi there.


I’m Hiro.


Today, I will write about moving stuff to Vietnam.

There are mainly 3 ways to move stuff to Vietnam.


1) Carry with you


2) Send by air


3) Send by ship


1) Carry with you


The things you carry with are the expensive stuff or the ones which you need soon after you move to Vietnam.
Examples are passport, electric devices, clothes you often wear, medicines.


2) Send by air


These are the ones you need relatively soon in Vietnam.

It takes about 14 days to send stuff from Japan to Vietnam by air.

It is recommendable that you don’t send the fragile things by air since they will not be handled carefully.



3) Send by ship


These are the things which you don’t use soon but still need in your Vietnam life.

The examples are books, furniture.

It takes about 40 days to ship to Vietnam.
I recommend you send expensive fragile stuff such as chinaware by ship rather than by air.

Also, sending by ship is more suitable for big or heavy stuff than sending by air because of the fee.


It is important to take out the insurance just in case.


- Do I need appliance and furniture from Japan?


The answer is it depends on your preference.

Because apartments in Vietnam are normally fully furnished, it’s not necessary to bring them from Japan unless you have strong preference.


However, some people bring appliances, which some of its functions are not available in Vietnam.
One example is a rice cooker.


I often hear concern about the air pollution and am asked if it’s better to bring an air cleaner from Japan.

I would say you’d better buy it in Vietnam since the air cleaner made by Japanese maker is available here.


*You need to buy transformer if you bring appliances from Japan because of the difference in voltage.

(Japan : 100V, Vietnam : 200V)



- Things to note


  • Many Japanese companies move their employees to foreign countries in spring.
    Therefore, contacting a moving company early is important so that the moving schedule is fixed as you wish.


  • Sorting out the stuff into the above mentioned 3 kinds makes work much easier and faster on the day you move.


  • To avoid the last minute argument, it is advisable to consider what to do about the things you leave in Japan. (i.e. ask relatives to keep them or rent a storage room.


  • Process of claiming insurance can take 1 to 2 month.



- How to choose a moving company


1) Is there the agent service for processing the documentations to send things by air or ship?


2) What kind of support does the company offer after arriving Vietnam?


3) Are there optional services?



The most important thing is early preparation and collecting information well in advance.


I hope for the seamless moving for all the people coming to Vietnam.



Ha Noi

090 212 4649
Hai Phong

091 685 9809
Ho Chi Minh

094 547 4649