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Introduction of International schools in Hanoi

May 8, 2019

Hi there.

I’m Hiro.

The topic for this week is the international schools in Hanoi.

In Vietnam, international schools offer education from kindergarten to high school.
Most of the international schools are located in suburban areas and they offer good services and facilities.
The yearly fee increases as the grade goes up.
In general, the yearly fee exceeds 15,000USD.

Although curriculum differs from school to school, the quality of education is basically high and the English skills will be improved.
It is needed that parents contact the international school in order to know the curriculum of the school.
Most of school can be contacted in English.

The school starts from September.
Since there are many parents who consider having their children go to the international school,
I would like you to know the basic information.
The below is the general information on the major international schools in Hanoi.

【Hanoi International School】

Hanoi International School is located closed to Embassy of Japan in Lieu Giai.
The total number of students is about 290.
Japanese, Vietnamese, and Koreansaccount for the majority of the students.
The yearly fee is from about 16,500USD to 26,500USD.
The average number of students in a class is about 20. 

Website : https://www.hisvietnam.com/

【United Nations International School of Hanoi】

United Nations International School is owned by United Nations and it’s called UNIS.
There are only 2 international schools owned by United Nations and therefore
It is very popular.
The location is Ciptra which is north of Ho Tay lake.
There are about 1,100 students.
As there is the limitation which the ratio of one nationality cannot exceed 20% of the total number of students, students from many different countries attend the school.
The yearly fee is from about 24,500USD to 30,000USD.

Website : https://www.unishanoi.org/

【British Vietnamese international school Hanoi】

British Vietnamese international school Hanoi is located inside Vincom Royal City in Thanh Xuan district.
About 1,300 students attend the school and 90% of them are Vietnamese.
The school offers education from kindergarten to high school.
The class is taught in English and Vietnamese.
The ratio of Students to teachers is about 12 to 1.
The yearly fee is from about 15,000USD to 20,000USD.

Website : https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/en/our-schools/vietnam/hanoi/bvis

【British International School Hanoi】

British International School Hanoi is located in Vinhomes Riverside in Long Bien district.
This area is rich in nature and quiet compared to the urban area of Hanoi.
There are about 1,000 students.
27 nationals belong to the school and 50% of them are Vietnamese.
The average number of students in a class is about 18.
The school has a uniform.
The class is from 8:30 to 15:00.
There are many facilities such as a large library, auditorium.
The yearly fee is from about 11,000USD to 15,500USD for kindergarten and
from 20,000USD to 30,000USD for middle and high school.

Website : https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/en/our-schools/vietnam/hanoi/bis

【Concordia International School Hanoi】

Concordia International School Hanoi is located in the suburban area, Dong Anh district.
The school was built in 2011 and it has affiliated schools in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
The number of students is about 400 and they are mainly American, Korean, and Vietnamese.
One national cannot exceed one third of the entire students according to the school policy.
Therefore, there are more than 20 nationals.
There are interview, entrance exams of math and English to enter the school.
The examination fee is 300USD.
The classes are based on U.S. curriculum.
The yearly fee is not public.

【St.Paul American School Hanoi】

St.Paul American School Hanoi is located in the suburban area, Hoai Duc.
About 500 students go to the school and the percentage of Korean is the highest.
The ratio of Vietnamese to foreigners is roughly 3 to 10.
It has about 60,000sqm which is equivalent of 8 soccer fields.
The curriculum is based on U.S. one.
The yearly fee for 7th grade is about 23,000USD.

Website : https://stpaulhanoi.com/

It is not an easy decision to have your children attend the international school.
But, I believe it is worthwhile to consider it since it is a rare opportunity that children can go to the international school.


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