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ISN Vietnamhousing –Tet Party 2019

January 24, 2019

BLOG: ISN Vietnamhousing –Tet Party 2019 by Phong

What else is better than a fete with the presence of staff all together? As a modern proactive corporation with several companies working along, we rarely havechance to meet and get to know the others very well. Hence, our board of management acknowledged an end of the year party was the perfect opportunity for a get-together, also to show deep appreciations from the board towards employees who had worked their best to provide the company with key values.


Our lovely lady, Ngan, decided not to go for a boring speech-food celebration but to make memories that last long on everyone’s mind. The set-up team, lead by Ngan, ran a race of time and efforts to seek for great initiatives so that “ISNer” could enjoy an off-the-hook event.


The company year end party 2018 was taken placed on the 12 of January as it was our own way to ring in Lunar New Year. Expectations for a night full of delights and pleasure swept across our office, keeping everyone fired up all day. And so, it was well worth the wait that the night was blown up like a boom of amusement: Dance performance from Ngan, Mai and Phuong.