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CMC Tower

Sqm: 100 - 1500m²
Sqm per floor: 1690 m²
Min contract period: 3 years
Price: $16 - $19 / m²
VAT: Included
Location: Cau Giay Dist
Deposit: 3 months
Payment: 3 months
Service charge/sqm: 5đ
Working hour: 7h30-18h (mon-Fri); 7h30-12h (Sat)
OT charge: 25$/hour/leasing area

Office Description

CMC Tower is an office building for lease in Hanoi, invested by CMC Corporation, located in the handicraft cluster of Cau Giay district. CMC building is highly appreciated by its favorable location along with modern design with full facilities. In addition, the building is professionally managed using intelligent technologies that help to save energy, synchronize and improve the quality of service.

The location and advantages:
Located on Duy Tan street, in the new urban area of ​​Cau Giay - a fast-growing and sustainable urban area, CMC Tower enjoys the advantages of dynamic working environment in the area.
+ Business environment is dynamic, here are many office buildings for rent in Cau Giay, surrounded by banks, other business premises, convenient for transactions, business cooperation.
+ Convenient location on Duy Tan street - busy street, opportunity to reach customers, expand the scale of business.
+ The traffic is convenient, easy to connect with the trade centers, supermarkets, bus stations, and quickly move to the highway, suburban districts and neighboring provinces.

Scale and design:
CMC building consists of 20 storeys and 2 basements, of which 15 are designed as a professional office for lease. The area of ​​each floor is 1,690 m2, easily divided into the area of ​​office space of 100 m2 or more to serve the needs, the size of each customer.
- The system of facilities and equipment is modern and synchronous, meeting the needs of customers renting office with high speed elevator system, intelligent central air conditioning, backup power system...
- 24 mm thick Ashiya glass system will reduce the cost of operating the air conditioner, saving energy and ensuring the health of tenants.
- The entire area of ​​2 basements and the area around the building is used as a parking lot, with doors for the convenience of staff and customers.

Facilities, facilities, services:
+ The first floor of the CMC office building is a convention center with a capacity of 270 people, serving the needs of hosting events, seminars, press conferences of enterprises renting offices here.
+ Floor 2 and the roof of the building is a cafe, fast food serving the needs of guests, eating and drinking staff.
+ The building uses a data center system in sync with the advantages of high-speed internet access, fingerprint access control, automatic fire alarm system.
+ Using intelligent BMS management and control system to save energy, minimize costs, synchronize data, improve the quality of the building.

Service & Facility

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